Cuprotect® Shielding in window frames and doors


RF-windows and doors shielded with Cuprotect®

Cuprotect® P7B Shielding Window

The Cuprotect® shielding window if is the ideal supplement of the wall shielding.

The equally conductive shielding level is not interrupted by the window. The shielding values remain about the whole frequency response at high level. Shatterproof glass and warm insulating requirements can be integrated easily.

Expert Tests in the laboratory EMCC Dr. Rasek, 19.2.2009:

Cuprotect®-Abschirmfenster P7B-Scheibe / WK4-Rahmen Cuprotect®-Abschirmfenster P7B-Scheibe / WK4-Rahmen

Inside of the Cuprotect® Shielding Window with wooden frame.

Outside of the Cuprotect® Shielding Window with aluminium frame.

Cuprotect®-Abschirmfenster P7B-Scheibe / WK4-Rahmen Diagramm
Cuprotect®-Abschirmfenster P7B-Scheibe / WK4-Rahmen Eingebaut


Ready built-in Cuprotect® shielding window in post/crossbeam integrated in the Cuprotect® shielding level.



Installation of Ziegelmeier RF-windows and doors and connection to adjoining Cuprotect® wall shielding:

In timber window frames (Ziegelmeier RF-windows: www.schreinerei-ziegelmeier.de) or aluminium clad timber frames (aluminium at the exterior, timber at the interior side)

Cross section of frame

Built-in window/door

The window panes are made from insulated glazing with a vapour deposited precious metal coating (heat protection/solar glazing) with shielding effect against RF and microwave radiation.

Overlapping connection strip from window frame
Fixing connection strip to adjoining wall shielding
Integrated into finished wall shielding

(see also Connection Techniques & Earthing)

(see also Cuprotect® Tools)