Connection and earthing of Cuprotect®


Conductive connection of Cuprotect® Sheets


RF-impenetrable and equally conductive connection with fell seam technique

In 05/2005, a patent has been applied for this RF-shielding and this connection technique at the German Patent Office, ref. no. 10 2005 023 344.9.
Another patent for the shielding of electromagnetic waves has been applied for at the European Patent Office, ref. no. 07 019 248.
US patent no.: US 7,576,289 B2

Prefolded Cuprotect® sheets are used for this connection technique.

Keep hands clean during processing.

Installation of Ziegelmeier RF-windows (with Cuprotect®-inlay)

Ziegelmeier window Ziegelmeier window Ziegelmeier window
Overlapping connection strip from window frame
Fixing connection strip at adjoining wall shielding
Integrated into finished wall shielding

The EMC earthing set and Cuprotect® Grounding plate


Cuprotect® Earthing

Cuprotect® Erdung1

Please note: Strictly separate Cuprotect® from other elements connected to the earth busbar (heating, water pipes, etc.)