Cuprotect®- in interior plaster


Cuprotect® and Cuprotect®Spezial

Embedding Cuprotect® into interior plaster

Preparation of subsurface:

Prepare subsurface and prime if necessary.

Preparation of mesh:

Unwrap Cuprotect® mesh carefully, cut to required length, fold up edges by 90°.


Apply plaster, deepen horizontally, place mesh into plaster bed whilst protecting upfolded edges from covering with plaster, work plaster through mesh with trowel, hang second sheet into first one and fasten with enclosed copper staples (by using a staple gun or common stapler for smaller areas).
Apply thin layer of plaster over whole area until mesh is completely covered. Paint or paper.

Conductive connection and potential equalisation:

Conductive connection and potential equalisation: connect once per shielded area (room, floor, ceiling) to earth busbar (Attention! Only qualified electricians are authorised to perform these works.)

After applying plaster onto subsurface with notched trowel follows the next sheet with

Embedding Cuprotect® sheets into fresh plaster

Fixing and flattening Cuprotect® mesh by working plaster through mesh with Venetian trowel

Evenly smoothing Cuprotect® mesh from centre to edges

Thorough connecting of the fell seams of the two Cuprotect® sheets.

Use a hydraulic stapler to connect theCuprotect® sheets with fell seam technique to get an equally conductive connection.

Covering Cuprotect® mesh completely with plaster


(see also Connection Techniques & Earthing)

(see also Cuprotect® Tools)


Suitable plasters for embedding Cuprotect® and Cuprotect®Spezial:

Kreidezeit Naturfarben Gmbh

(plaster for interiors)
Cassemühle 3
D-31196 Sehlem

Tel: 0049-5060- 6080-650
Fax: 0049-5060-6080-680
email: info@kreidezeit.de
web: www.kreidezeit.de


HAGA Kalk Universalspachtel, plaster for interiors
(download data sheet)

HAGA Natur, Switzerland
Tel: 0041 62 8974141
web: www.haganatur.ch and www.haganatur.de


Safety advice:

This information shall be forwarded to all companies or workers involved in the shielding works by the company or worker installing Cuprotect®.
Liability is disclaimed on improper processing and ignorance of the assembling instructions.
This description is intended for design considerations, installation must be adjusted to the situation on site.
Legal bindings may not be deduced herefrom.
For further queries on construction details please contact Wolfgang Kessel:
Tel: 0049-4532-6679, Fax: -5934