Shielded and certified Cuprotect® real estate projects

  • Shielding TegernseeWall shielding at the corners to the roof
  • Shielding in Tegernsee, BavariaShielding of the facade
  • Shielding in Tegernsee, BavariaWall Shielding of the attic
  • Shielding in Tegernsee, BavariaWall Shielding of the attic
  • Shielding in Tegernsee, BavariaShielding of the attic
  • Shielding in Tegernsee, BavariaProject overview: the mobile tower is visible on the right side
  • Shielding in Tegernsee, BavariaShielding of the roof
  • Shielding in Tegernsee, BavariaShielded roof
  • Shielding in Tegernsee, BavariaShielding detail: Shielded cable canal for the door bell
  • Shielding in Tegernsee, BavariaShielding detail: Ventilation tube
  • Shielding in Tegernsee, BavariaShielding detail: Integration of the windows into the shielding plane and roof corner
  • Shielding in Tegernsee, BavariaCompletely shielded shell, entrance area
Shielding in Tegernsee, Bavaria1 Shielding in Tegernsee, Bavaria2 Shielding in Tegernsee, Bavaria3 Shielding in Tegernsee, Bavaria4 Shielding in Tegernsee, Bavaria5 Shielding in Tegernsee, Bavaria6 Shielding in Tegernsee, Bavaria7 Shielding in Tegernsee, Bavaria8 Shielding in Tegernsee, Bavaria9 Shielding in Tegernsee, Bavaria10 Shielding in Tegernsee, Bavaria11 Shielding in Tegernsee, Bavaria12

Hotel Niedersachsen, Facade shielding with Cuprotect® A1 (Westerland, Sylt)

At the Ecohotel, ecological aspects such as low CO2 emissions and low energy consumption are just as important as the well-being of guests, who can relax during their holidays with the comprehensive protection concept against electrosmog.


Hotel Niedersachsen, Sylt

Cuprotect® shielding on the facade in dry construction. The mobile senders are visible at the right side in the background.

Hotel Niedersachsen, Sylt biel

Cuprotect® shielding of the 3rd floor

Fertig abgeschirmtes Öko-Hotel Niedersachsen

(©Foto Hotel Niedersachsen)

Partial Shielding of the bedroom and children's room with Cuprotect®Spezial (Altötting, GER)

In the bedroom and children's room three walls and parts of the floor have been shielded against a new LTE radio station.

With the cost-oriented measure we could reduce the HF impact from 476 µW/qm to below 3 µW/qm.


Roof shielding in Segeberg with Cuprotect® A1

The roof shielding in Bad Segeberg was carried out because of the mobile radio station, which is located 500 m from the house.
After shielding, the sum of all mobile radio frequencies was clearly below 1μW / m2



Roof shielding in two days with Cuprotect® A1 (Biel/Switzerland)

Quick shielding with Cuprotect®-A1 sheets. During the shielding works the roof is shielded from top to bottom and the clay roof tiles are reused to cover the roof simultaneously. The double shielding of the new dormer window is made of Cuprotect®.
Detail: Earting at the rainwater gutter


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Shielding of a row house with Cuprotect®Spezial (Braamheide/Hamburg)

The partition wall between two row houses is shielded as protection against the WLAN and DECT radiation from the neighboring house.

High radio frequency after shielding measurement : 0,1µW/qm (Sum of all sources)

Details: Earthing and shielding of the ground floor




biel biel

Shielding of the upper floor with connection to the ceiling after concreting of the floors and the walls of the upper floor.

biel biel
biel biel

Screening of the attic after building the wooden roof construction

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The e-smog-free house (Hameln, Germany)

Realisation Process:

  1. Measurement on site previous to the design

  2. Consideration of the measuring results during the project design

  3. External shielding of the façade with Cuprotect®

  4. Consultation and supervision of the proposed shielding actions with Cuprotect® in collaboration with the appointed construction companies

  5. Remeasurement after completion


Measuring results in two dormitories of the upper floor:

1. AC electric fields

< 1 V/m electric field strength

2. AC magnetic fields

< 10 nT (average of long-term measurement)

3a. Electromagnetic waves, pulsed

< 0.1 µW/m² (in total)

3b. Electromagnetic waves, unpulsed

< 1 µW/m² (in total)

4. Static magnetic fields

< 1,000 nT (on top of bed)

5. Static electric fields

< 100 Volt surface voltage


No anomaly in all five physical areas according to the guidelines of the Building Biology Testing Methods SBM-2003.



The whole façade is clad with Cuprotect® sheets. Window detail: The Cuprotect® sheets are mounted on the fibreboard and connected conductively with each other.

The battens, insulation (black) and cladding (blue) are fixed on top of the Cuprotect® sheets.


The e-smog-free hotel


First „e-smog-free“ conference room and junior suite  Schloss Rheinfels and conference villa, St. Goar

The e-smog-free hotel:
Schloss Rheinfels

Schlossberg 47
D-56329 St.Goar (Germany)


Prior to shielding works a professional measurement (survey) shall be carried out and a shielding concept shall be drawn up.
A remeasurement at the shielded building shows the success of the completed shielding measure. The certificate "Das elektrosmogfreie Haus" (e-smog-free house) can be awarded if all prerequisites are met.

For more information on the e-smog-free house:



GÙtesiegel elektrosmogfrei

Info sheet Design and implementation of a professional shielding