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Has the material been tested under practice conditions in an accredited EMI testing lab?

Yes, in the accredited testing lab Dr. Rasek, Ebermannstadt, Germany.


Which is the shielding attenuation?

Depending on the frequency range between factor 10,000 and 1,000,000,000. This factor describes how much the flux density is reduced. It should at least be 10,000 (40 dB) within the frequency range from 100 kHz (low frequencies) to 3 GHz (airport radar) under laboratory conditions.


In which frequency range were the measurements of the shielding attenuation made?

Cuprotect® and Cuprotect®Spezial were tested under practice conditions within the frequency range from 100 kHz to 3 GHz.


Does the shielding material emit chemicals?



Does it distort the natural static magnetic field?



Is it highly electrically conductive?



Does it come with an earthing set with detailed advice how to carry out the earthing?



Is the earthing set included in delivery?



How long does the material last?

Unlimited durability within plaster, subject to professional fixing and processing.


Which Fire Safety Class does the material have?

The German Fire Safety Class A1
(= non-combustible).


What is the area of use?

Wide range of use in exteriors and interiors: roofs, walls, floors, ceilings, façades, foundations / elements adjacent to the ground as well as within insulated render systems, window frames and doors


How do you process the material?

Cuprotect® can be processed easily, flexibly and cost-effectively, embedded in plaster or bitumen as well as in timber frame construction and dry-lining.


What other properties does the material have?

Cuprotect® allows vapour diffusion, is extremely tearproof but even so flexible.


Is it possible, on request and for an appropriate fee, to get an expert's opinion (measurement and shielding concept) on site?

Yes, we've got a network of qualified measuring technicians.


Where are the system components made?

All system components are made in Germany.

Made in Germany


Shielding electromagnetic waves from buildings and homes will be a standard service of every health-conscious architect if the use of the airwaves for wireless communication continues to increase. The Cuprotect@ shielding system already meets all professional requirements on effectivity and feasibility.


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