NEW Cuprotect® Reducer for W-LAN, DECT-Repeater or Smartmeter antennas

(EU-Patent No.2046106)


Protect yourself, your data and you family: Reduces electromagnetic waves to a technical necessary level.

• Application in living areas, offices, schools, kindergardens, hospitals, cafes, restaurants, etc.

• Reducing of electromagnetic waves to building biological precaution values.

• Adapting the range of your network to the building (Data protection and interception-proof)

Video: Shielding a wireless antenna with simultaneous measurement

The video clearly shows the simple use and high shielding effectivity of the reducer.
The meter provides – audible and visible – the pulsed radiation of the wireless.
The measured radiation in a range of one meter is reduced by the damping sleeve from 7422 µW/qm (= 1.76 V / m) to the most necessary minimum (13.2µW/qm= 0,07 V/m).

The building biology precautionary values are reached in 1.5 meters in distance. The measured values were determined using the Spectrumanalyzer Rohde & Schwarz FSU 8 at 1 m distance.


Cuprotect® WLAN-Dimmer in 3 Variation as sleeves, bag or box

High shielding level up to 26 dB!

Cuprotect®-WLAN Dimmer in 3 sizes

3 standard sizes
of the Cuprotect® Reducer Sleeves
Length of antenna:

upto 80 mm

12 mm

upto 120 mm

12 mm

upto 120 mm

16 mm

This Reducer was especially developed to reduce HF-Radiation of W-LAN Routers, DECT-Repeaters or Smartmeter antennas.


It is designed for the sufficient supply on a minimal level.


The sleeve is placed over the antenna and reduces RF emissions by about 30 dB (a factor of 1.000). The sleeve may be adapted by shortening the inner part of Cuprotect®Special to the requirements of the receiver. The sleeve has a collar, which is part of the shielding. It is breathable and can dissipate the heat development at the antenna.

As a rule supplied antennas of the routers or repeaters are oversized and not adapted to the transmission and reception requirements of the location.

In implementing this emission reduction concept in practice with Cuprotect®Reducers we could reduce emissions up to 30 dB in buildings and seminar centers.

Measurements with the spectrum analyzer showed that wireless intensities from 0.1 to 3 μW/qm are sufficient to watch youtube movies on the internet with both laptop as well as with Wi-Fi enabled smartphone. This reducer is suitable for offices, coffee shops, conference centers, schools and all other areas of permanent residence.




WLAN reducer shielding bag for WLAN router / DECT repeater without antenna (adjustable)

High shielding level up to 26 dB!

Cuprotect®-Abschirmfenster P7B-Scheibe / WK4-Rahmen W-Lan Router KOmplettschirmung

Slide router in the shielding bag


Close shielding bag with special clips
(Intensity of the shielding is adjustable)

Cuprotect¬-Muster Cuprotect¬-Muster

Router shielded with Cuprotect® and special clips
in the open WLAN reducer bag

Shielded router in the closed WLAN reducer ba



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Overall shielding of router without antenna


W-Lan Router KOmplettschirmung

Custom shielding – here an exemplary solution.

Since a large number of routers is designed without a router antenna or as or Airport / Apple Versions, we offer to shield the entire router.

Send your router by specifying high or average attenuation at the following address:
Umweltanalytik Kessel, Am Bargfeld 15, D-22941 Bargteheide
The shielding material is Cuprotect®Spezial.

The router is returned in the supplied packaging.

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Front of the custom shielding bag of a router  with additional cable shielding of 60 cm


Back side of the custom shielding bag




WLAN Shielding Tent for standing router or repeater

Elaborately crafted complete shielding of the WLAN station with the highest possible shielding effect

One size, variably adjustable shielding



Back side of Shielding Tent


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Exemplary screening of wireless devices

Cuprotect®-Abschirmfenster P7B-Scheibe / WK4-Rahmen Cuprotect®-Abschirmfenster P7B-Scheibe / WK4-Rahmen

Antenna on wireless router - unshielded

Shielded antenna on wireless router

Cuprotect®-Abschirmfenster P7B-Scheibe / WK4-Rahmen Cuprotect®-Abschirmfenster P7B-Scheibe / WK4-Rahmen

Wireless repeater (hotel room)


Wireless repeater, shielded

Cuprotect®-Abschirmfenster P7B-Scheibe / WK4-Rahmen Cuprotect®-Abschirmfenster P7B-Scheibe / WK4-Rahmen

Smart meter (meter reading via mobile), Spain

A repeater with shielded antennas

Of course you should shut off - especially at home and especially at night - be the wireless function of the router completely.

The direct living environment is relieved with the Cuprotect®Reducer by a factor of 1,000 RF intensity, also the neighbors, roommates and colleagues will benefit. Health effects of permanent wireless intensity is sufficiently scientifically documented.




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