Cuprotect® Shielding Insect Screen


Two flies at once: Screening of Electromagnetic Waves and Insects

The Cuprotect® Shielding Insect Screen is custom made and fits ideally to the screening of the walls.

The shielding attenuation factor remaina on a high level over all frequencies.

Simultaneously insect are kept out.

Cuprotect®-Abschirmfenster P7B-Scheibe / WK4-Rahmen Cuprotect®-Abschirmfenster P7B-Scheibe / WK4-Rahmen

From the Outside: Cuprotect®Shielding Insect Screen System

Looking from the inside: the Cuprotect®Shielding Insect Screen is as transparant as usual insect screens.


Client Video:  Electromagnetic Wave Screening and und Insect Screen in one product

Custom made Screening on a balcony against insects and electromagnetic waves – from the inside and outside