Cuprotect® Shielding against electronic smog


Info sheet Design and implementation of a professional shielding

Cuprotect®, Cuprotect®Spezial and Cuprotect®A1

Highly conductive, fine mesh for most effective shielding of AC electric fields and electromagnetic waves ("electronic smog") with extraordinary demands on shielding attenuation

Areas of use

• Private or commercial residential building
• Industrial and security sector

Timber or timber frame construction, dry-lining
Façade & insulated render systems
Interior walls and ceilings
Flachdachabschirmung Wuppertal
Roofs / Floors
Roof shielding
In RF-window frames and doors

Stress through electronic smog

The current situation

Mobile communication networks (GSM and UMTS standards) are extended unabatedly; antennas equipped with mixed channels. In 2004, UMTS has been launched in Germany. Other radio services like emergency services, TV and radio broadcasting are being digitalised in Germany until the year 2015.

Exposures to immissions from radar and cordless DECT telephones as well as from the electrical installation add. Artificially generated radiation is a million times stronger than our natural radiation spectrum. Therefore, it interferes heavily with natural biological activities – with most diverse effects on humans and nature.

For preventive health care we thus recommend adequate shielding measures for living, sleeping and working spaces as well as for places in need of special protection such as nurseries, schools, hospitals and old people's homes.

Adequate shielding measures with Cuprotect®

According to official guidelines electric equipment shall be installed in such way that sensitive persons or existing electric systems are not disturbed by its electric and electromagnetic fields.

Shielding materials are required to be well conductive; they partly reflect and partly absorb radiofrequency (RF) and microwave radiation. Incorporating the shielding into a TN-S or TT system, it is electrically earthed over the main earth busbar.

At the same time, AC electric fields of the electrical system are shielded, too. Depending on the area of application, Cuprotect®, Cuprotect®Spezial and Cuprotect®A1 meet all requirements of effective shielding in residential and industrial sectors.

Properties accordant building-biological needs

• electrically highly conductive mesh
• allowing vapour diffusion, tearproof, flexible
• no chemical evaporation
• no alteration of the natural magnetic field
• very high shielding effectivity
• min. 20 years durability
• wide range of use
• simple and inexpensive fixing
• fireproof