Cuprotect® Shielding in flooring and screeds


Cuprotect® shielding: floor indoors


Cuprotect®-Spezial: Floor laying embedded in emulsion adhesive



Cuprotect® shielding: screed floor and flat roofs

Fußbodenabschirmung Fußbodenabschirmung

Shielding of new built city house with flat roof. Laying of Cuprotect®-Spezial on bitumen cardboard under an insulating layer.

Fußbodenabschirmung Fußbodenabschirmung

Details: Chimney duct with sleeve and light shaft with 3-D corners.

Fußbodenabschirmung Fußbodenabschirmung

Completed shielding with mobile phone masts in the background

dispersionskleber Estrich

Cuprotect®-Spezial: Double-layered on screed and embedded in plaster.

dispersionskleber Estrich
dispersionskleber Estrich

Cuprotect®-Spezial on screed and embedded in plaster, detail wall connection.


Laying Cuprotect® in hot bitumen

Cuprotect® can easily be integrated into the roof with hot bitumen or bitumen thick coating.

Heißbitumen Heißbitumen

Laying Cuprotect® in drywall

Also Cuprotect® can be installed in all dry floors (eg: in wooden floors, under particle boards or drywall elements).


(see also Connection Techniques & Earthing)

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